March 2016

I am featured in the excellent 'The Creators Project'@Vice magazine as part of an article on mould and art.

December 2015

I am featured the wonderful IAMTHELAB.

October 2015

My 'mouldy madness' brooch is featured in the Observer weekend magazine.

May 2015

My crochet mould got a mention in The New York Times.

March 2015

My inclusion in the group exhibition 'Scientifically stitched' is confirmed for Spring 2016, taking place at the Noyes Museum of Art, USA.

December 2014

It was great to get my Petri dish featured in Scientific American magazine.

November 2014

Book publication called 'Textile art around the world' in which I will have a double page spread.

June 2014

Elintm featured in Discovery magazine.

2-4 December 2011

ELINtm has been selected for Made-by-Hand contemporary craft fair at Tredegar House, Newport, Wales. For further information about the weekend view the website-


June 2011

ELINtm crochet Petri dish is exhibited at the 'Stitch London' knitted science event at the Science Museum, London.

Jan 2011

New works exhibited at Natural History Museum as guest of the British Lichen Society.